The Griffith Park Train Rides
" With three small children, Travel Town is a blessing. Free parking and admission. Lots of things to see and do. The train ride is just perfect for the little ones and the big locomotives let the older one explore and make believe. We love it!"
-- Angie P.

"My sons love the trains. We are here with them almost every weekend." -- Jose S.

Find out more about the miniature train ride at Travel Town Railroad here.

Travel Town Railroad

View Our Trains page to see all the trains at Griffith Park Southern Railroad and Travel Town.

Our Trains

Our Holiday Light Festival Train Ride will return on November 29, 2019

Holiday Light Festival
Griffith Park & Southern Railroad
4400 Crystal Springs Drive
(Los Feliz Exit from the 5 Fwy)
Los Angeles, California 90027
(323) 664-6788
Travel Town Railroad
5200 Zoo Drive
(Forest Lawn exit from the 134 Fwy)
Los Angeles, California, 90027
(323) 662-9678


Hello Friends of the Griffith Park Train Rides,

We are closed until further notice by order of the City of Los Angeles. We have been getting tons of inquiries about when we will reopen so we want to update you on our status. The short answer is that we don't know when and we don't know why!

The long answer follows:

As you all know we are a totally outdoor facility – our ticket sales, waiting lines, boarding area and open seating coaches means that our guests are never in a confined area with potentially infectious people. Early on in the pandemic, shortly after we were ordered closed, we started working on procedures and protocols and making physical modifications to reduce the infection risk to our guests and employees even further. Some of what we have done:

1.       We developed and wrote operating procedures and rules that emphasize maintaining social distancing among our employees and with our guests along with mandatory mask wearing and regular sanitizing

2.       We developed sanitizing processes and purchased supplies to support the processes.

3.       We developed training and management procedures to ensure our team is fully prepared to operate as safely as possible.

4.       We designed and built plexiglass partitions for our coaches so that we could separate each coach into two compartments to accommodate separate parties while maintaining adequate distancing.

5.       We have contactless ticket taking and payments for those who want it.

These procedures and processes have been formalized and presented to the City. We believe implementing these processes enables us to operate very safely. Nothing is 100% and we realize we are not an “essential” business but we think we should be able to operate under current conditions when most outdoor activities are allowed.

But we are not yet allowed to open. We are a small, unique business that doesn’t fit neatly into any category. I would appreciate any suggestions our readers have that would improve on our suggested processes and how we can get the attention of the authorities to tell us why they believe we cannot operate safely.

Thank you

The Team at
Griffith Park and Southern Railroad
Travel Town Railroad



Open every day of the year, except for Christmas Day, the Griffith Park Train Rides are one of Los Angeles's most fun and affordable family attractions. Click here for hours and directions.

At Griffith Park and Southern Railroad you travel over one mile of track, across a bridge, through a forest and the Old Western Town. You can also try our classic simulator ride Kid Coaster - fun for all ages.

At Travel Town Railroad, you travel around the Travel Town Museum two times. After riding our miniature train, you can explore dozens of old time railroad locomotives and cars.


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